Art’s Infrastructure

At Lobus, we are helping the world manage its largest shared asset class on a mission to make artists owners. After years working in an industry where information was fragmented and processes inefficient, we decided we needed to change the way we create, transact, interact with, and manage art. We built the tool we wish we had.

In 2021, we understand a future that is both physical and digital and we understand that this future state is right in front of us.

Lobus values transparency, inclusivity and putting everyone in control of their information, most importantly the artist. By combining aggregated data, objective market analysis, industry expertise, and intuitive workflow software in one platform, Lobus is the essential solution for everyone who interacts with art, from administrators to advisors, from creators to collectors.

We’re excited to grow with you. Visit us at Lobus — we can’t wait to build the future of art with you!

Art's infrastructure - helping manage the world's largest asset class